“building the feture”.

Gitto Costruzioni Generali Nigeria Limited is a young and dynamic company that is swift in taking decisions and rapid in the execution of commissions. Equipment and technology are always in the van of the higher standards of quality, efficiency, industrial safety and respect for the environment. The Company aims for the development of the potential, creativity, energy and enthusiasm of a youthful staff, which, supported by experienced and skilful managers, represent the driving force of the organisation. Our team has the capability to adapt itself to the unceasing evolution which characterises the field of civil engineering.
Our know-how and corporate organization allows Gitto to work autonomously, or if required, to choose the most compatible partnerships for continuously changing requirements. Adequate scheduling and constant monitoring of working projects, guarantee the full compliance with tender requirements, contract schedule and properly executed civil works. Moreover, because of the complete computerisation of each area of the company, it avoids bureaucratic delays, which is a limiting factor to the growth of multi-tiered companies, favouring more fluent and immediate communication between technical and administrative sectors, between central offices, yards and work sites.