Our Services

Our Projects encompass the following works:
Execution of road works and highways
Building construction
Fabrication and execution of long span bridges
Execution of tunnels and hydraulics through excavation technologies tailored to the topographical realities; consolidation works and the use of explosives
Excavation of tunnels through the use of rapid-drying cutters
Foundation pits for viaducts’ piers Other water works
Consolidation on special foundation works through the use of piles, micro piles and tie-rods
Prefabricated Ashlar planks
Waterproofing of tunnels through geotextile and pvc-membranes
Execution of underground parking
Earth moving and demolition.

Quality Assurance
The exchange of ideas and skills between the staff, suppliers and technical advisors combined with a clear knowledge of the market, lead to new and improved solutions in the choice of building materials, machinery and production process. The complete computerization of the Company at every level, allows for real time supervision for the efficiency of each sector and the continuous analysis of the resources at the disposal of the Company. Civil Engineering Company is certified UNI EN ISO 9002 which is a further acknowledgement of the quality and reliability of its works.

The Group has the Certificate of the National Register of the Construction Company “SOA”. This register is managed from the Italian Authority of Public Works, and all the companies which carry out some works on behalf of the Government or some other Public Corporations (Regions, Provinces, Cities and State owned corporations) must be certified. The above mentioned Certificate states the potentiality and the qualities possessed by the Companies which have executed Public Works, and fix the limits and the bounds of operative ness. Our Company is included within the Italian Contractors that have executed infrastructural works for a considerable amount. It is qualified for the construction of highways, roads, railways, bridges and viaducts for an unlimited amount; for the construction of tunnels for highways, and hydraulic tunnels for un unlimited amount; to carry out the consolidation of the soil and special works underground for an amount equivalent to EURO; waterworks and network sewers for an amount of EURO 1.500.000,00.

Other qualification stated by the “SOA” Certificate, which is critical for the execution of engineering works for structures for an unlimited amount. The Engineering Certificate is only authorized to contractors having a technical staff very qualified (Engineers, Architects, Surveyors) and having equipment and instruments suitable for this service. Furthermore there is another important point: the Company possesses a “Quality UNI EN ISO 9000/94” recognized system, certified by the relevant Government Organizations. Numerous works in progress or completed works both in Italy and abroad, confirm the speed of execution of the Group within the international arena in the field of civil engineering.